EUREKA! Bridgeport Place Finds That “One in a Million!”

Bridgeport Place Retirement and Assisted Living strikes gold in having recruited Amy Jackson as the new Activity Director.

​Jackson has embraced the community culture of Bridgeport Place. This was evident when asked what her work philosophy was, Jackson replied “adding glitter and sparkles to the lives of our residents through a ginormous variety of activities, events, and exercise. Making sure we always reach people on many levels, it’s not just the smiles on the outside I’m after, I want to see those smiling hearts shine through as well. We’re all complex beings, but when it comes down to it, one must show respect to get respect and why not do it with a smile!” Jackson’s passion for people and desire to enhance the lives of the residents, drives her quest to implement a fun, varied, and resident-driven activities program.

​At Bridgeport Place activities means “in motion.” The goal is to help residents keep their minds, bodies and spirits in motion and engaged through purposefully designed events and adventures. Whether it’s attending a musical performance, participating in an outing, or working one-on-one with a staff member or volunteer, activities help residents live life as fully as possible.

​Jackson has years of experience that has prepared her for success in her new role as the Activity Director. She worked in a Bellingham Assisted Living Facility in the dietary and housekeeping departments, her highlight of that time was time spent getting to know the residents. With 7 year’s experience in property management, Jackson knows how to make people feel at home. When it comes to customer service, Jackson attributes her approach to the “customer is always right” mentality and her 10 year’s experience with Starbucks in California and Washington. In a voluntary capacity, she has copious amounts of creativity that she gets to let loose as the Creative Director at her church. For 7 years Jackson has executed the smooth running and planning of events, Sunday school teaching, bulletin boards, and activities for her church. These are the experiences, coupled with her jubilant personality, that make Jackson that “one in a million” that Bridgeport Place’s management team proudly recognizes as a valued addition to the community. EUREKA!

​If you haven’t yet, why not Experience “Bridgeport … Living!” by joining in an activity, just call to find out the variety of options. Contact Maringi Lloyd at Bridgeport Place at 253.565.1960. Bridgeport Place Retirement and Assisted Living, 5250 Bridgeport Way West, University Place, is locally owned and operated by Soundcare, Inc. Soundcare, Inc. also owns skilled nursing facilities that include University Place Care Center in University Place, Messenger House Care Center on Bainbridge Island, and Nisqually Valley Care Center in McKenna.



“We Need to Recognize his Very Considerate Caregiving” says Maun.

Eugene Maun, PhD, determined to ensure his appreciation for one of our caregivers was known, inserted the A4 sized form around the rollers of a typewriter, lined up the template and typed.
Do you remember typewriters, either manual or electronic? When errors required back spacing, inserting whiteout tape and retyping the same key or the attention of an eraser pencil. One would think a manual typewriter is a thing of the past since they have been replaced by personal computers and home printers, but that’s not the case for one avid letter writer at Bridgeport Place.
With ease and clunking keys of an old school typewriter Maun shared:

Having Joshua Petinglay as caregiver has the best qualities of an experienced nurse and considerable medical skill of a doctor.
He can perform tricky care for a resident with special appliance and bag for an ololiostimy (ileostomy) care. When with a group of residents needing their special medicines, he can look out for all. Also provide specialized transportation as needed to move the resident from one location to another. His skill and knowledge are reassuring to the residents.
We need to recognize his very considerate caregiving. His demeanor is caring and encouraging.

To acknowledge Petinglay’s nomination by a resident for Health Care Providers Council’s (HCPC) Outstanding Caregiver recognition and to reiterate appreciation for a job well done, Bridgeport Place presented Petinglay with tickets to a Rainier’s game, a nice gift card, and the HCPC certificate.
At Bridgeport Place it’s more than services, it’s how services are offered. We’re dedicated to ensuring that everything we do is relationship-based. Relationships are at the heart of who we are; they give meaning to our lives. We work to connect, communicate and collaborate with residents; to live what it means to be a community. You’re always welcome to schedule a tour to learn more about the services Bridgeport Place provides and observe the staff in action! (253) 565-1960


Where Caring Makes The Difference.

The Health Care Providers Council (HCPC) of Pierce County is a non-profit organization that promotes the highest possible standards of service, care and well-being for older and disabled adults. In June many caregivers were acknowledged and celebrated during HCPC’s All Star Caregivers’ Recognition dinner.
Family members and residents of Bridgeport Place Retirement & Assisted Living nominated outstanding caregivers, the nominations were heartfelt and definitely worthy of sharing.

One resident shared the following… “Phakamas is a petite caregiver that walks 6ft talk because of her smile and pleasant personality. What makes her an outstanding caregiver is her eye for the small things, sometimes it’s those special touches that makes the world if difference. She used to help me with showering and dressing and that was appreciated. What made the way she delivered a simple service was her kindness, the small things. Phakamas would tuck tags in and make sure everything was just right, it felt like she knew I struggled to accept help bathing but she’d restore my dignity with pleasantries and those extra small touches. She is always professional and consistently pleasant, her caring personality is evident in her work and I believe she deserves recognition for her above and beyond can-do attitude”.

Bridgeport Place is locally owned and operated by Soundcare, Inc. Soundcare, Inc. also owns Nisqually Valley Care Center in McKenna, Messenger House Care Center on Bainbridge Island, and University Place Care Center in a University Place.